AJEEC-NISPED is a non-profit organization dedicated to social change and Arab-Jewish partnership, based in Beersheva. Founded in 2000, the organization works to promote sustainable development among communities in transition as a foundation for the establishment of prosperous and equal communities living in peace. Programs operate inside of Israel, with partners from the wider Middle East and for beneficiaries from across the developing world.

AJEEC-NISPED is one of Israel’s largest civil society organizations. Employing over 200 women and men and engaging 1,300 volunteers, the organization’s areas of engagement include community volunteerism, quality early childhood education, socioeconomic development, health promotion and Arab-Jewish partnership.

Our activities in Israel focus on community development among the Arab Bedouin residents of the Negev, who are part of the broader Arab population in Israel. We work to create meaningful partnerships between the Arab and Jewish populations and work to advance social and economic justice for all of the country’s residents.

On the regional Middle Eastern level, we work to promote cross-border people-to-people partnerships. Our work in the developing world focuses on the advancement of just and sustainable socioeconomic models.