As a not-for-profit organization working for the advancement of the community, we are committed to financial transparency. Below is a complete list of all of our donors and partners in Israel and abroad.

We rely on three primary sources of funding: philanthropic contributions, support from Israeli government departments and revenue from our social businesses. Funding from foreign diplomatic sources amounts to less than 3% of our budget. We aim to reduce our reliance on philanthropy to approximately 50% of our total income, with government funding and independent income from social businesses at 25% each. We therefore will be able to diversify our sources of funding and ensure financial sustainability.

In recent years, AJEEC-NISPED has established itself as one of Israel’s leading organizations in launching and operating financially viable social businesses. Designed to be commercially sustainable, profits from these enterprises are used to reinvest in community initiatives.

Distribution of organizational income/expenditures

Education - Youth Movement
Health and Resilience
Conferences and International Programs
Education - Early Childhood
Employment and Social Businesses
Resource Development
Adminsitration and PR