Emergency Response

and Resilience Teams

AJEEC-NISPED is in the process of establishing emergency response teams in ten unrecognized Bedouin villages throughout the Negev. The teams are on alert 24/7 and are prepared to assist in any cases of emergencies such as fires, accidents, natural disasters or security incidents. In case of an incident, the teams arrive on-site, assist, and continue to support affected families and victims until needed.

Training also includes specialized workshops for women and children so that they will be better equipped to cope with emergency situations or even prevent them. Moreover, AJEEC-NISPED is developing a regional collaborative model between the various teams and the neighboring local/municipal councils.

The project is carried out in partnership with the local councils’ department of social welfare and with the financial support of the National Insurance Institute’s Special Projects Division.

Recently, the teams dealt with emergencies such as a home fire in the unrecognized village of Wad Na’am (January 2017); the death of two cousins, ages 8 and 10 who were playing with a mine that they found (April 2017).

AJEEC-NISPED strives to establish a total of 10 teams in the unrecognized villages by 2018 and to increase the number of emergency response team volunteers by 30%.

for more information, write us

Tal Shamir

Director, Emergency Response and Community Resilience

Ratab Krinat

Field Coordinator