Women of AJEEC

Leading Change

Dear Friends,

As Chanukkah begins and New Year’s approaches, we are excited to highlight how the women working at AJEEC strive every day to bring positive change to the Negev. We want to introduce you to five energetic, dedicated young members of our team, each with unique backgrounds, goals and perspectives on how Arab and Jewish women can work together for equality, empowerment and cooperation. They are lighting up the way to create lasting change in the Negev and beyond.

Chag sameach and have a “bright” festival of lights!

Kher Albaz and Ariel Dloomy

Rose Amar

The unique partnership that we have here at AJEEC proves that change is really possible. Who knows? Maybe one day it will bring peace to all of us.

Rose is the Director of Gap Year Programs in AJEEC-NISPED’s Volunteer Center. She oversees the Arab-Jewish Gap Year, which builds partnership between young people from the two communities, and Taliyah, which prepares young Arabs for university and careers.

Michal Shani

When I returned to the Negev where I was born, I wanted an opportunity to cross the fence from my kibbutz to my Bedouin neighbors.

Michal is coordinator of Marketing Communications and has also recently started to lead human resource development in the organization. She works to share AJEEC-NISPED’s story through traditional and social media and to strengthen communication among the nearly 200 employees.

מיכל עבודה (1)

Nadia Altory

When I see how Bedouin women come to our programs with a determination to change the hard realities of their lives, I, too, feel empowered.

Nadia is the coordinator for Foundations for Women’s Success, a project to help Bedouin women who have never been employed find to jobs outside of the home or to start their own small business.

Veronica Vigdorchik

It is truly priceless to see stereotypes vanish and watch barriers between children dissolve. For me, it’s not just a job, it’s my calling in life.

Veronica is the coordinator for Shared Society, a program that organizes joint activities for students and teachers between Arab and Jewish high schools.

Aisha Zayedna

עאיישה זיאדנה

I don’t just work at AJEEC – I grew up there!

Aisha is herself an alumna of the 2011-2012 cohort of the Arab-Jewish Gap Year and now works as its coordinator. She is in the final year of her BA in English Literature and Linguistics at Achva College and plans to be a teacher.

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