Project COPE

An initiative to raise awareness of breast cancer in the Negev Bedouin community and to support survivors

In partnership with the Susan B. Komen Foundation and the Joint Distribution Committee, AJEEC-NISPED has continued Project COPE, an initiative to combat breast cancer in the Negev Bedouin community. The first support group of 10 survivors met for a series of meetings in spring 2017 and a new group, also with 10, started this past autumn. Conferences and activities in high schools across the region have reached 400 women and girls. This project is implemented in partnership with Shourouq, a Palestinian organization based in Al Eizariya that offers similar programs and with which AJEEC-NISPED shares planning and strategizing.

Ambulance Service to the Unrecognized Villages

Emergency response in the most marginalized communities

With 100,000 inhabitants of the unrecognized Bedouin villages of the Negev lack basic infrastructure, such as access roads, schools, clinics – and emergency responses services. AJEEC-NISPED’s special ambulance, driven by Yasser abu Rejila (called the human GPS for his comprehensive knowledge of the region) and implemented in partnership with Magen David Adom, provides essential coverage to tens of thousands of people. This past year, a second ambulance was commissioned and the two drivers are now available for over 30,000 residents

Paramedic trainings

Giving Bedouin communities the knowledge and skills to respond to health emergencies

Led by ambulance driver Yasser abu Rejila, about 50 men from the Bedouin community have been trained as paramedics. There are currently 42 men in training. At the end of 2017, this program crossed a watershed when a group of 6 women were selected to become the first Bedouin trainee paramedics, with another 17 starting in early 2018. Their presence will allow the program to reach women who otherwise might go without emergency treatment.

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