Economic and Community Development

Foundations for Women’s Success

Preparing Bedouin women to enter the workforce

Formerly called Women Weaving a Dream, the Foundations for Women’s Success program provides basic trainings for women from the most disadvantaged sectors of Bedouin society, equipping them with skills to enter the workforce or start their own home-based businesses. Participants complete approximately 6 to 8 months of training and then receive support from local welfare authorities to take their next step. Over the past year, the program has expanded to new communities, including for the first time beyond established municipalities to newly recognized villages. A sister program inspired by the experience in the Negev has been set-up for Syrian refugee women in Montreal.

El Hudaj Fitness Center

The first ever gym for women in the Bedouin community

The El Hudaj Women’s Fitness Center remains the only dedicated sports facility for women in the Bedouin community. In addition to state-of-the-art exercise facilities, it offers a series of women’s health and fitness courses and trainings, such as aerobics, steps and yoga courses for women and ballet courses for girls. There are also separate weight management classes, featuring sessions with a personal trainer and with a nutrition expert, for women and for girls.


Enhancing local governance in Bedouin communities

Launched in November 2017, Mubadra is a social business that provides public administration consulting services for Bedouin municipalities in Israel’s Negev region. Working with locally experienced academic and professional experts, Mubadra has three areas of focus: Community Development, Economic Development and Urban Development & Sustainability. All “profits” are reinvested into local social programs.

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