Healthy Living

in Bedouin Society

“Healthy Living in Bedouin Society” is one of AJEEC-NISPED’s flagship projects and includes diverse activities emphasizing access to information, culturally competent training and improvement in lifestyle. The project strives to close the existing gaps between the Bedouin community and Jewish society with respect to health.

The recognized and unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev cope with a lack of infrastructure, life-threatening pollution,  and a lack of access to exercise equipment. In the past decades, the Arab Bedouin community is transitioning from a semi-nomadic lifestyle to permanent settlements. There has been minimal support services to ease this difficult transition from the health and social service agencies in Israel. Moreover, there is a growing rift between the agencies and the community. Today, many residents of the permanent villages are overweight, cope with diabetes or pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, heart ailments, poor nutrituion and emotional pressures.

AJEEC-NISPED works to increase health awareness among the community and to prevent disease through workshops about proper nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle. The organization runs a women-only gym in Rahat, organizes power-walking groups in various villages and runs a women’s health mediators program together with Soroka University Medical Center.

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