The Youth


“Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to experience new things. Thank you for teaching us the meaning of friendship, empathy and acceptance of the ‘other’. Thank you for enabling us to understand ourselves and to believe in our abilities”

J’uma, a youth organization participant from the village of Kohla, wrote the above to her counselor, Maha Abu Rabia

The AJEEC Youth Organization – the informal education framework for children and young people – was established in 2014 and is the first organization of its kind in the Arab Bedouin community of the Negev. The organization’s activities focus emphasize leadership development, community engagement, active citizenship, tolerance and volunteerism.

In 2019


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The AJEEC Youth Organization is part of a group of youth organizations in Israel that work to advance social values through informal education. Since 2014, the organization has been recognized by the Ministry of Education and works in collaboration with the Arab Section of the Social and Youth Administration. The AJEEC Youth Organization is a member of the National Council of Youth and Children’s Organizations.

In 2017, Maha Abu Rabia, an AJEEC Youth Organization counselor, was awarded the “Educator of the Year” prize by the National Council of Youth and Children’s Organizations.

The Educational Model

Tomorrow’s children
(Grades 1,2)

nonviolent communication
(Grades 3-4)

leadership and involvement
(Grades 5-6)

Empowerment for Adolescents
(Grades 7-8)

(Grades 9-10)