The Generation Technology Project strives to provide Arab Bedouin children in the Negev with technological literacy to close the knowledge gap that exists between them and other children in Israel. Unlike many of their peers, Arab Bedouin children lack continuous and effective access to computers and the internet.

Economic and democratic participation is increasingly reliant on technology. Since the vast majority of Arab Bedouin children in the Negev do not have access to computers and internet, there are growing  gaps between them and their peers. Bridging the digital divide between different population groups has proven effective in reducing socioeconomic inequities.   

The Generation Technology Project was launched in 2016

The Generation Technology operates in four Negev communities: Rahat, Segev Shalom, Qasr-Asar and Abu-Talul.

he project currently involves 24 groups with a total of 800 participants – parents and children – and is implemented in collaboration with schools and community centers.

The project is geared towards children in the third and fourth grades, and their parents. Its primary aim is to introduce the children to computers. The project features 23 meetings held throughout the school year. Topics for trainings include technological literacy, analytical thinking, acquisition of the skills for computer-based concept development, coding and program. It concludes with a final competition between the groups participating in the project.

The project was established in partnership with Appleseeds Academy, whose mission is to increase digital literacy among children in Israel.

Aisha Abu Frieh

Community Coordinator