Educational programming is a central part of the organization’s activities. They reflect our belief that equal opportunities for women, children, youth and young people are the keys to establishing a more equal society in which all citizens may reach their respective potentials.

Identity and belonging are major themes in the educational process. Rejecting concepts of dependence and helplessness, programming emphasizes heritage and cultural background so that education for civic engagement will be based on feelings of pride and responsibility.

The Arab Bedouin society of the Negev contends with economic hardship and a lack of social services, as well as limited access to opportunities and resources to enable its effective integration into general Israeli society. Likewise, the community is in deep crisis as it undergoes a forced and rapid transition from a traditional to a Western lifestyle; a crisis that most predominantly affects women and youth.

AJEEC-NISPED’s educational programming directly addresses these challenges. The organization initiates, develops and implements projects for a broad range of ages. These initiatives include early childhood education programs, technology-based courses for third and fourth graders, shared society programming for high school students, a youth organization, volunteerism projects for high school graduates and academic excellence projects for the community’s young people.

We work together with leading partner organizations in the field of informal education, including the Israel Scouts Movement, Appleseeds Academy, the ORT and Amal Educational Networks, the Rayan Center and various municipalities, local and regional councils.

AJEEC-NISPED’s educational programming serves approximately 15,000 people, aged 6-40, and provides them with training, enrichment and a variety of workshops throughout the year.

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Shared Society in the Negev

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