and Social Businesses

The Arab Bedouin community of the Negev faces a variety of challenges related to employment and economic development

Unemployment stands at

among Bedouin men
among Bedouin women

The community is the most economically disadvantaged in Israel due a number of factors, including less investment historically by the government, geographic distance from the country’s center and cultural difficulties in integrating into the mainstream Israeli workforce.

For the past decade, AJEEC-NISPED has initiated, developed and implemented innovative eEconomic development employment-focused programming that combines social perspectives with practical solutions. We believe that communities themselves best understand which strategies and solutions fit their needs and lifestyles, alongside government programs.

We help establish small businesses that employ both women and men, support women from the most disenfranchised populations in joining the workforce and train exceptional young people to become qualified professionals in the Negev’s emerging hi-tech and industrial sectors.

El Hudaj

Foundations for Women's Success