Educational Tours

Jawla (tour in Arabic) is a social business established by AJEEC-NISPED in 2015

Its mission to introduce the general public in Israel to the changing realities of the Arab Bedouin society of the Negev. Guides from the Arab Bedouin community lead educational tours, which include meetings with community leaders and visits to local social initiatives.

Since the program’s inception, Jawla has conducted about 100 tours for youth, university students, civil society organization members, government workers, tourists and other visitors. Each tour is intended to be an empowering experience, with intercultural dialogue and the opportunity to personally meet members of the Arab Bedouin community.

The initiative supports local Arab Bedouin tourism-focused businesses, and the opportunities that it provides even encourage the establishment of new businesses.

Tours range in length:
from a couple of hours to full days
with professional guides, transportation and meals

Top topics:

  • Tours may be built around specific themes such as Women as Changemakers Today’s Bedouin Culture
  • Economic Development and Social Entrepreneurship in the Negev
  • Transition to an Urban Lifestyle: Impact on the Bedouin Community
  • Unrecognized Arab Bedouin Villages of the Negev
  • Between Traditional and Modern Medicine and more.

All of the initiative’s profits are reinvested into social and cultural programs in the Arab Bedouin society of the Negev. Tours are available in Arabic, Hebrew and English.

To coordinate a tour in the Negev, write to us