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Partnership Programs

AJEEC-NISPED’s staff includes Arabs and Jews working together.

Our ultimate goal is to create a shared space for both communities to live together while preserving their respective identities and cultures.
An underlying tenet of our collaborative work is that there is a direct and strong correlation between the improvement of communities’ socio-economic conditions and the resolution of conflicts between them.

Throughout the years, we have initiated and developed a variety of large-scale educational shared society programs for students in both high school and universityas well as for participants in our gap year programs. These initiatives are currently operating in scores of schools throughout the Negev and elsewhere in the country, serving thousands of students.

The road to shared society requires that people get to know one another, build relationships based on trust and develop mutual respect for the culture of the “other”. We therefore will reduce violence, mitigate stereotypes and promote collaboration within the framework of shared and equal citizenship.

The organization is currently working together with the Beersheva Municipality and a public steering committee to build a comprehensive program for shared society education for students from preschool to twelfth grade.

Arab-Jewish Gap Year

Shared Learning

Shared Society in the Negev