Ariel Dloomy

Co-Executive Director

Anat Langer Gal

Director of Middle East Programs

Aisha Abu Freich

THe “Technology Generation” Project Coordinator

Dr. Eran Buchaltzev

Director of the Organizational Knowledge Center

Ghosoon Alsana

Administrative Assistant

Judy Stoller

Co-Owner and Co-Director of the El Hudaj Bedouin Women’s Fitness Center in Rahat

Jihad Alshafoi

BridgeTech Coordinator

Kher Albaz

Co-Executive Director

Liora Schreiber

Financial Officer

Milada Schwarzman

Senior Bookkeeper

Michal Shani

Director of Government Relations and Marketing Communications

Nadia Almalachi

“Women Weaving a Dream” Coordinator

Noa Pni-Gil

Youth Organization Coordinator

Nada Abu Ghanem

Director of Early Childhood Programs

Nasrin Afawi

Health Department Coordinator

Odded Mark

Director of Training and Content, AJEEC Youth Organization

Rose Amar

Director of the “Volunteer Year” Program

Rata Abu Krinat

“Community Resilience” Coordinator

Riki Levy

Office Manager

Raja Dajaf

Information Coordinator

Sliman Alamour

Deputy Director

Tal Shamir

Director of the “Community Resilience Project”

Veronica Vigdorchik

Director of Arab Jewish Partnerships

Wahid Alsana

Director of Community and Partnerships, AJEEC Youth Organization