Research & Development


AJEEC-NISPED’s Organizational Knowledge Center (OKC) works to develop innovative work practices, institutionalize existing models and professionalize the activities of the organization’s. The OKC also provides offers consulting, knowledge development and training for partner organizations.

Over the years, we have developed a variety of innovative work practices and state-of-the-art models of social change in diverse fields. The social change processes that we are leading are based on integrating innovation and creativity with preservation of tradition and community values. Our programs have gained international recognition and have been replicated in diverse communities and regions. As a large and varied organization functioning on national and international scales, we value innovation and are committed to adapting ourselves to changing realities in any and all the communities that we work with.

The institutionalization of and access to the existing organizational knowledge, continuous training and retraining of staff, evaluation and professional research are some of the cornerstones behind AJEEC-NISPED’s excellence.

The OKC’s areas of focus include:

Collection and documentation (conceptualization) of organizational models and work methods

Guaranteeing the accessibility of models, work plans and systems to the organization’s employees and partners

Enhancement of training and instruction

Building of effective work plans and tools for monitoring and evaluations

Leading cross-sectoral communities of practice

Action research and Rapid Cycle Intervention for knowledge-based planning and development.

We hope that your organization will be able to benefit from the experience that we have gained through our organizational empowerment and activities. We offer our partners and other interested organizations the opportunities to learn from our experiences and to develop their own adaptations of our methods for innovation and growth.

Dr. Eran Buchlatzev


Civil society/governmental organization working in the field of development of the Bedouin Arab society/cooperative researcher, please contact us: