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AJEEC's Alumni: Where are they today?

Dear Friends,

As our 2017-2018 groups come to a close, we look back on many successful activities, events, and projects. Our participants in the Arab-Jewish Gap Year and inthe Taliyah Gap Year for young Arab women are moving on from meaningful experiences of growth, development, and broadened horizons. As we bid farewell to our newly-minted alumni, we know that this life-changing year has given them new tools to understand and engage with the world as they make their way into adulthood.

To celebrate this transition, we wanted to share a few stories of veteran alumni from past cohorts – motivated, successful young people who have built on their experience in these programs to pursue their passions for positive change.

This coming summer, too, will be filled with activities. The members of AJEEC-NISPED’s Youth Organization (Shabibat AJEEC) will hold a summer camp and summer classes for younger children. Graduates of the two gap year programs will be joining as counselors.

The past year has given us so much satisfaction and pride, and now we are working hard to get everything ready for our next year, with new participants and new adventures.
Wishing all of you a safe and pleasant summer!
Yours sincerely,
Ariel Dloomy and Kher Albaz,
Co-Executive Directors

Program Manager, Tamar Center

2002-2003, Taliyah

Social Entrepreneur , CEO and Founder of TALENTEAM 

2002-2003, Arab-Jewish Gap Year

Intake Coordinator, Gisha: The Legal Center for the Freedom of Movement

2006-2007, Taliyah

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