Chunsheng Meets Israeli Cooperative

Chunsheng Meets Israeli Cooperative

Author: Wen Xin Source: China Supply and Marketing Cooperative Network Published: October 20, 2014  font: shrinkincreases  Traditional

  On December 12, the China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives deputy party secretary Li Chunsheng, deputy director of the Council met in Beijing with Israel Cooperatives (Peace and Development Institute for Strategic Studies) Mully Dor and his party on further strengthening bilateral co-op exchange between discussed, and to cooperate in economy and trade, agricultural extension and training and other aspects of exchange of views.


Chunsheng Israeli delegation welcomed the cooperative. He pointed out that China Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, as China’s largest cooperative economic organization, strong leadership and strong support of the government in recent years, the work of reform and development continue to make new achievements in leading the Chinese cooperative development, construction of modern agriculture, increase farmers’ income, etc. has made ​​a positive contribution. Supply and marketing cooperatives currently being comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform, and strive to create a new force and integrated platform services farmers life.


Chunsheng said, has been to the two cooperatives in terms of trade, personnel exchanges and training fruitful cooperation. Hope that both sides in more fields, a wider range of exchanges, I hope there is supply and marketing cooperative system of social enterprises and cooperatives and marketing cooperatives at all levels to cooperate with Israel in trade, economic and other fields, to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win.


Mully Dor, said China Supply and Marketing Cooperatives in the organization of construction, business development and other aspects worthy of Experience Israel cooperatives hope to conduct various forms of economic and trade exchanges with China, supply and marketing cooperatives in agricultural trade, agricultural technology, supply chain many fields, personnel training to strengthen deep exchanges will promote bilateral cooperation to a higher level.


(Editor: Zhao Yajun)