Good Deeds Day

International Good Deeds Day



 AJEEC-NISPED is proud to have participated in the International Good Deeds Day on March 11, 2014. Ten volunteers from our Arab Bedouin Volunteer Center helped organize 400 community volunteers in the Bedouin town of Hura.


Community volunteers participated in a number of special projects, including:

  • Creating and distributing flyers promoting non-violence
  • Lecturing on accident prevention and safety promotion in the home, a leading cause of infant and child morbidity in the Bedouin community
  • Planting gardens at the Hura Community Center
  • Honoring the elderly with home visits




Preparing lunch for the many hardworking volunteers.

2. GoodDeedsDAy

 Creating flyers promoting non-violence in the community.

4. GoodDeedsDay  5. GoodDeedsDay

Building a community garden at the Hura Community Center.

3. GoodDeedsDay

 Celebrating the end of a hard day of volunteering with a community party.