Photo Gallery: Early Childhood Education

Welcome to the Photo Gallery of our Department of Early Childhood Education. This is a brand new page that we’ll be updating regularly.


Movement Workshop in Um Batin


Teachers and children enjoy a movement workshop in the Bedouin community of Um Batin. Young children, ages one to three, engage in experiential learning on the subject, “Getting to Know My Body” (March 17, 2014).




Arabic Language Parenting Hotline


AJEEC-NISPED’s new Arab language hotline (*6968), launched in November 2013, was established to provide a resource for parents of young children. Staffed by professionals in the field of early childhood counseling, the hotline is based on a Hebrew speaking model that has been operating in Israel for several years. The hotline, in strategic partnership with the Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) and Yad HaNadiv answers questions on such universal parenting concerns as sleep habits, toilet training, and many more.


Pictured here: counselors complete their course in preparation for the opening of the hotline (Fall 2013).


Hotline_PhotoFixed1_17Mar14   Hotline_PhotoFixed2_17Mar14

Hotline_PhotoFixed3_17Mar14  Hotline_PhotoFixed4_17Mar14