Economic Empowerment

Meet Salah Abu Rashed, Director of the Department of Economic Empowerment. 


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Department of Economic Empowerment 

For the past decade, we have developed unique employment initiatives in the Negev through the integration of innovative social and economic tools.  We believe that communities must develop themselves the appropriate solutions to meet their needs and their way of life in combination with government programs. Our programs in economic empowerment are designed to help those in need escape poverty and improve their standard of living.


Over the years, we have facilitated the establishment of small businesses for men and women from the Arab Bedouin community. We have helped set up social enterprises and encouraged successful collaboration between businesses in the Jewish and Arab communities in the Negev and throughout Israel.


We lead catering social enterprise for Bedouin mothers that produces thousands of hot lunches each day,  small businesses in photography, literature and DJ’ing for Bedouin women, new cooperatives appearing across the country – and these are just some of the products of our economic empowerment programs. For more details on specific programs, click the photos below.


AJEEC-NISPED, Arab Bedouins, Negev Institute, Unrecognized Bedouin Villages, Israel, Arab Minority, Women's Empowerment 

Arab Bedouin, Negev Institute, AJEEC-NISPED, Abu Krinat, Unrecognized Bedouin Villages, Mirai 

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