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Meet Noga Zivan, Director of AJEEC-NISPED’s International Programs.


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AJEEC-NISPED works with socially, geographically and economically peripheral communities, supporting their development through programmes designed to foster leadership, new economic opportunities and the innovative use of resources, both human and material. Working with partner organisations, AJEEC-NISPED uses its skills and expertise to create tailored programmes and interventions appropriate to the culture and circumstances of the many communities within which it works.


AJEEC-NISPED’s International Department acts as the crossroads between AJEEC-NISPED and the wider international development world. It takes the skills and knowledge generated within AJEEC-NISPED and adapts them, in cooperation with partner organisations across the world, for their use. At the same time, the Department seeks out international best practice with which to enrich the organisation’s own work.


As a leading training provider for the Israeli Cooperative Movement, AJEEC-NISPED offers long and short courses on all aspects of agricultural cooperatives, cooperative development and the Israeli cooperative context. AJEEC-NISPED is a member of the ICA and has delivered courses for many ICA members.


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In recent years, hundreds have participated in our training programs from Africa and Asia, including: China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda,  and more.


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In addition to its cooperative courses, AJEEC-NISPED has programmes in place covering the following areas:


  • Cooperative Enterprises and Rural Community Development
  • Women’s Empowerment In Traditional Societies
  • Community Resilience on the Edge of the Desert
  • People Centred Business Models
  • Leadership Development in Marginalised Communities
  • Maternal and Community Health Education
  • Early Childhood Education in Vulnerable Communities
  • Shared Education in Divided Societies


In all of these areas, AJEEC-NISPED both delivers courses, either in Israel or abroad, and supports long-term projects.


As part of its mission to disseminate its organisational learning, AJEEC-NISPED is happy to explore additional topics and projects within its fields of expertise.


 our courses:

June 2016 MASHAV ‘Cooperating Out of Poverty’ course






News of Note  


AJEEC-NISPED at the ICA Global Conference and General Assembly (November 2015)

AJEEC-NISPED is proud to be represented by its Chairman, Mr. Mully Dor, and Director of International Programmes, Dr. Noga Zivan, at the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Global Conference and General Assembly in Antalya, Turkey. Dr. Zivan will deliver a paper on Internationalising Cooperative Best Practice as part of a round-table discussion on day three of the conference.




Cooperating Out of Poverty

AJEEC-NISPED, the International Co-Operative Alliance (ICA), and MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation are pleased to welcome to Israel our colleagues from across Africa for this training course on the development of cooperatives for poverty alleviation.



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MASHAV: “Cooperating Out of Poverty” (July 2014)


Cooperatives and Enterprise Promotion in East Africa, AJEEC-NISPED, Cooperatives, Rural Development, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, African Entrepreneurs


News from our participants:


We’re always thrilled to hear from members of the AJEEC-NISPED family – and welcome you to keep in touch.


We recived this note from Mr Leliana Firisua:


“I am an International Student from Solomon Islands that attended training at the Institute 28/5-21/6, 2007 on “Comprehensive and Integrative Public Support Systems for SME’s – A Central Factor of Development Policy”. On my returned, I became Israel’s Honorary Consul in the Solomon Islands beginning 14th May 2009. I truly enjoyed my time at the Institute and I can testify to the fact that my attendance at NISPED changed me to become an “Ambassador” for Israel in Solomon Islands and the Oceania region”.


Here’s a note we received from Wilson Mnzava, who participated in our July 2009 course, “Enterprise Promotion, Empowerment and Sustainable Human Development in Rural Africa.”


He wrote: “I participated in a short course at the Negev Institute in July 2009. The course transformed my entire life. Today I am working at a leading life insurance company in Tanzania known as African Life Assurance, a subsidiary company of SANLAM, as a General Manager and at the same time I have my own business consultancy company. Thank you, Negev Institute.”


The course, part of our International Programs Department, was titled: “Enterprise Promotion, Empowerment and Sustainable Human Development in Rural Africa.”


Congratulations again, Wilson! May you go from strength to strength.



English  Principles of a Cooperative from the International Cooperative Alliance (also in Arabic: see bottom of page) International Year of Cooperatives, 2012 (video clip: three minutes) McKinsey Report on Cooperatives (2012)