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Meet Anat Langer-Gal, Director of AJEEC-NISPED’s Middle East Programs.


Anat Langer-Gal, AJEEC-NISPED, Middle East Programs, Director

Middle East Programs Department

AJEEC-NISPED believes that a peaceful solution in the Middle East and other conflict areas around the world will not be achieved without a process of sustainable human development. This process must focus on meeting the ever increasing basic human necessities such as food, housing, clothing, education, health, welfare, employment, security, culture and freedom. In other words, creating a safe environment where all people can live to their fullest potential in dignity and freedom.

Societies in which most people live at adequate socio-economic levels are more likely to be willing to make the compromises necessary to live in peace, both within their own communities and with their neighbors.


Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process


AJEEC–NISPED works to promote an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by creating a network of contacts and cooperating on the people-to-people level in the region. Our Middle East programs aim to support a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement, based on the principles of justice, reciprocity, sense of security and ending of the occupation while ensuring the right for the national, social and cultural expressions of each nation.


We believe that an Israeli-Palestinian peace is an integral part of the process for peace in the Middle East. Therefore, we are promoting the creation of a network of contacts and cooperation on the people-to-people level in the region.



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