Prague Forum Promotes Regional Peace

Political Leaders from Israel, the Palestinian Authority,

and Arab States Establish Forum to Promote Regional Peace




 Conference Co-Sponsors: Walid Salem, Director of the Center for Democracy and Community Development (Palestine; left), Ariel Dloomy, Co-Executive Director of AJEEC-NISPED (Israel; right)

Israeli members of Knesset and parliamentarians from the Palestinian Authority and Arab countries met today (March 24, 2014)  in Jerusalem to establish a joint forum. The initiative, known as the Prague Forum, began in February with secret meetings of Israel and Arab Countries sponsored by the Czech government.


Co-sponsored by AJEEC-NISPED (Israel) and the Center for Democracy and Community Development (Palestine), the purpose of the Forum is to promote the Regional Peace Initiative, which is based upon the principles of the Arab Peace Initiative.


A3At today’s conference, the Prague Forum submitted an open letter to the leaders of Arab League, addressed to the organization’s secretary general, Dr. Nabil Al Arabi, stating: “We believe that this initiative provides the foundation for a just peace, a comprehensive and lasting Middle East Peace that keeps the Arab Peace Initiative on the agenda. With the uncertainties in the Middle East today, it is critical that the Arab Peace Initiative framework is upheld in order to maintain stability and offer a multilateral approach for a regional solution.”


Mully Dor, chairman of AJEEC-NISPED, remarked: “The Forum includes political leaders from numerous parties, some of whom have already taken an active part in a series of meetings with representatives from Arab countries. The goal is to return to the table the Regional Peace Initiative, which has already won the support of the Arab League, and which will hopefully be reaffirmed at this week’s summit. The profits reaped from both nations, Israel and Palestine, from a regional and sustainable peace would be enormous – in terms of security, economics, and socially. Many polls show that the people of Israel would agree to a regional peace agreement of this nature. For such an agreement to be received by all countries in the Middle East we must us to do everything we can to realize this window of opportunity.”


 Photo Highlights



Anat Langer-Gal, Director of Middle East Programs at AJEEC-NISPED

Prague Forum

Abdallah Abdallah, head of the Palestinian Legislative Council (left), enjoys the company of , Israeli Member of Knesset (right) with Walid Salem, director of the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Community Development (back center).



Abdallah Abdallah and Meir Sheetrit


Walid Salem, Meir Sheetrit, and Abdallah Abdallah

 A. AlMadani and Translator (l)

Muhammad Al MadaniHead of the PLO Committee for Communication with Israeli Society

(right; pictured with his translator, left)

Ashraf Al Ajrami

Ashraf Al Ajrami, Former Palestinian Authority Minister of Detainees & Prisoner Affairs

A. HilikBar_IsraeliMK

Hilik Bar, Israeli Member of Knesset and 

Chair of Knesset Caucus for the Solution of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

A. BernardPhilippe_AdvEUMission-WB.Gaza

Bernard Philippe, Advisor to the EU Mission to West Bank & Gaza

A. RadekRubes_CzechHeadOfMission.Pal

Radek RubesCzech Head of Mission to the Palestinian Authority


Hilik Bar (Israel), Abdallah Abdallah (Palestinian Authority), Meir Sheetrit (Israel)