Meet Wafaa Eben Beri, Director of the Arab Bedouin Volunteer Center. 



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Arab Bedouin Volunteer Center (“The Tent”)

A culture of volunteerism by the community and for the community: AJEEC-NISPED’s  Arab Bedouin Volunteer Center (known as “The Tent”) was established to strengthen communal responsibility and active citizenship, especially within Arab Bedouin society in the Negev. Tent programs promote social change and empower the community and its development as an integral part of civil society in Israel.


Located in a beautifully restored building in the heart of Beer Sheva’s Old City, the Tent is also a center for Jewish-Arab partnership. Together, Arabs from the Negev and Jews from across the country are provided with training for volunteer assignments in educational and community institutions and a variety of other entities that need volunteers in order to better the community. Today, most of the activities take place within the Negev’s Arab community, though several programs exist within the Jewish community as well.


What Our Volunteers Are Saying (More to Come Soon)

“The first time I came to AJEEC, my coordinator said, ‘You have something very powerful within yourself.’ And now I am standing here at this moment. I feel as if I have this power. And I feel like I can change myself and my society.”


~ Taliyah volunteer



News of Note


  • Learn more about the Tent on their Facebook page here (Arabic).













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