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Meet AJEEC-NISPED’s ‘Human GPS’ / 15.12.2014

AJEEC-NISPED, Bedouin, Yasser Abu Rejila, Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development, MDA, MADA, Ambulance Service, Arab Minority in Israel



Ha’aretz – “Meet the human GPS who’s saving Bedouin lives. Nearly 100,000 Israelis who live in unrecognized villages in the Negev rely on one man – a medic, ambulance driver, and IDF tracker – for emergency medical care.”


Meet AJEEC-NISPED’s Yasser Abu Rejila.


Our Team is Featured on Arabic Language TV: “Beyond Events” / 14.11.2014

AJEEC-NISPED, Negev Bedouins, Wafaa Eben Beeri, Sliman Al Amor, Nusaiba Abu Riash

Our team was featured this week on Hasan Abu Ziad’s Arab television program, “Beyond Events.” Meet (left to right): Wafaa Eben Beeri, director of AJEEC-NISPED’s Arab Bedouin Volunteer Center; Sliman Al Amor, program director; and Nusaiba Abu Riash, project coordinator in the Department of Economic Development.


Watch the segment in Arabic here (25 minutes).


Chunsheng Meets Israeli Cooperative / 01.10.2014

“Hope that both sides in more fields, a wider range of exchanges, I hope there is supply and marketing cooperative system of social enterprises and cooperatives and marketing cooperatives at all levels to cooperate with Israel in trade, economic and other fields, to achieve mutually beneficial and win”. Mully Dor

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The people-to-people approach to peace / 13.08.2014

“The people-to-people peace process is important, particularly when government level processes are not enough to ensure successfully reaching an end to hostilities,” writes Rafi Goldman an economic and strategic consultant, who directs the Center for Cooperative Development of the Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development (AJEEC-NISPED).

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Television Interview: Humanitarian Aid to Gaza / 05.08.2014

Ariel Dloomy, Gaza, Tzuk Eitan, Operation Protective Edge, AJEEC-NISPED, Negev, Arab Bedouin, i24TV Interview, Expert, Humanitarian Aid

Video: Israeli television station i24TV features AJEEC-NISPED Co-Executive Director Ariel Dloomy on a panel of experts speaking about prospects for coordinating humanitarian aid in Gaza following Operation Protecting Edge.


He remarks: “What happens the day after all of the cameras are shut off? What happens the day after all of the reporters are gone? This is where the biggest challenge for Gaza begins, and it has to begin with very long term projects to rebuild Gaza.”


Interview starts at one hour, 29 minutes (1:29); Ariel begins speaking at 1.35.


“There Are No Sirens in Awajan” / 29.07.2014

AJEEC-NISPED, Negev Institute, Arab Bedouins, Israel, War, Emergency Campaign, Crisis, Sirens, Jerusalem Post, JPost, Ajawan

“We contend that the state is responsible for providing suitable emergency services in an equal manner to all of its citizens. Community emergency response teams, first aid and ambulance services, mobile concrete protective blocks and assistance in cases of trauma are basic rights for every resident of the state, regardless of their place of residence.”


These words were written by our Co-Executive Directors, Kher Albaz and Ariel Dloomy, in a Jerusalem Post op-ed on life in the Negev Bedouin towns during times of crisis.


President of International Cooperative Alliance Gives Workshop to Bedouin Sheep Farmers / 14.07.2014

Marai, Sheep Breeders, International Cooperatives Alliance (ICA)

International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) – “Aiming to revolutionize an industry facing severe financial struggles, Bedouin shepherds in Israel have begun to join the world’s first ever Beduin agricultural co-operative. Following a year of preparations, the Beer Sheva-based Arab-Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation – Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development (AJEEC-NISPED) launched the Marai Sheep Breeders Cooperative about a month ago… Recently, the shepherds also received training from Dame Pauline Green [pictured above], president of the International Co-operative Alliance.”


World’s First Bedouin Cooperative / 13.07.2014

AJEEC-NISPED, Marai, Sheep Farmers, Sheep Breeders, Cooperatives, Bedouin, Beduin, Negev, Jerusalem Post, JPost


Jerusalem Post – “First Bedouin agricultural cooperative in the world launches in Israel – The shepherds have joined the cooperative with the goal of lowering their collective costs and increasing their profits… Aiming to revolutionize an industry facing severe financial struggles, Bedouin shepherds in Israel have begun to join the world’s first ever Bedouin agricultural co-operative. Following a year of preparations, the Beer Sheva-based Arab-Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation – Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development (AJEEC-NISPED) launched the Marai Sheep Breeders Cooperative about a month ago.”


Rural Development Course for East Africans: “Cooperating Out of Poverty” / 10.07.2014

Cooperatives and Enterprise Promotion in East Africa, AJEEC-NISPED, Cooperatives, Rural Development, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, African Entrepreneurs, MASHAV

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MASHAV) – “Through their involvement in all sectors of the economy, cooperative enterprises have been identified by the international community as a suitable agent for the promotion of rural development in all its dimensions: opportunity, empowerment and security… The MASHAV-NISPED-ICA course showcased best practices for establishing and managing processes of cooperative enterprises development. The program of the course included lectures and field trips, and was based on Israel’s own rural development experience as well as on examples of international best practices, and analyzed systems developed in terms of their adaptability to the participating country representatives.”


As Israel Approaches 66th Birthday, Bedouin Seek Greater Integration / 09.04.2014

Rahat, Bedouin social enterprise, AJEEC-NISPED

JNS reports: “I am certain the world will judge the Jewish state by what it will do with the Arabs,” said Chaim Weizmann, Israel’s first president, in December 1947, just months before the state’s founding. Says Vivian Silver, AJEEC-NISPED’s former co-executive director, “Women want to change. They want an education, they want opportunities, they want freedom of movement—and slowly, it is happening.”


Prague Forum: “Israelis, Palestinians Endorse Arab Peace Plan” / 24.03.2014



The Washington Post reports: “Hilik Bar, chair of the Knesset Caucus for the Solution of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, praised the new coalition [known as the Prague Forum] for its efforts. ‘It’s one thing to have a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine,’ said Bar, a member of the opposition Labor Party. ‘It’s another thing to have Israel and Palestine as a joint partner in a much bigger neighborhood.’”


Prague Forum: Palestinians Challenge Israeli Treatment of Arabs /



The Times of Israel reports: “At the forum, a grassroots initiative launched in February to bring together Israelis and Palestinians in support of the two-state solution, politicians and civil society leaders called on the Arab League to re-endorse the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative at a summit in Kuwait Tuesday… The Prague Forum was initiated by an association of civil society organizations from Israel [spearheaded by AJEEC-NISPED] and across the Middle East known as the Arab Peace Initiative Regional Network, created in 2011.


Prague Forum: “Israelis, Palestinians Endorse Arab Peace Plan” /


“A newly formed group of Israeli and Palestinian politicians on Monday urged the Arab League to renew a comprehensive peace offer to Israel, saying such a gesture would give a much-needed boost to troubled U.S.-backed peace talks… Known as the Prague Forum, the group consists of Israelis, Palestinians and other Arab parliamentarians. It was unveiled after over 40 politicians and leaders began secret meetings in Prague in February.”


Prague Forum: Israeli and Palestinian Politicians Meet / 23.03.2014



The Jerusalem Post reports that at tomorrow’s Prague Forum, Israeli and Palestinians leaders will meet to promote the Arab Peace Initiative in advance Tuesday’s Arab League Summit. Politicians from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Arab countries in the Middle East, and representatives from Europe are scheduled to attend the Forum.


“Israeli artists to John Kerry: We support your peace efforts” / 12.02.2014



Ha’aretz reports on the Israeli Peace Initiave’s letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry, spearheaded by AJEEC-NISPED. They write: “An Arab-Jewish group representing well-known Israeli cultural figures like author David Grossman and actress Gila Almagor has reportedly sent a letter of support to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, urging him to continue his efforts to bring peace to the region.”


Left-Wing Artists in Support for Kerry /

AJEEC-NISPED joins with friends in supporting and promoting the Arab Peace Initiative and US Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts toward a just peace –


“A group of left-wing Israeli artists, and Palestinian Arab artists, has written to United States Secretary of State John Kerry with a message of support for his efforts in obtaining anagreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.


In a letter to Kerry, the artists said they were ‘honored’ at the opportunity to express ‘our full support for your efforts to promote peace between the two countries.'”



“Light a Candle for Coexistence” / 21.12.2013


“Rabbis for Human Rights condemns the wave of fascism that has been sweeping over Israel in the last week, including: the torching of mosques, the burning of a Jewish-Arab center in Beer Sheva, blocking roads in the West Bank, and the publication of racist books… Rabbis for Human Rights will light a candle of hope in Israel and in the Occupied Territories, a candle of shared existence, and insist that the security forces prevent continued violence and potential religious war. May your festival of light [the Jewish holiday of Hanukah] bring blessings and hope, and Shabbat Shalom.”


Israel’s Peace Movement Mourns Loss of Leader, Dr. Yehudah Paz / 13.12.2013

Israel, NISPED, Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development, Dr. Yehudah Paz, International Cooperatives Alliance, Menorium
“The Israeli Co-operative Movement is mourning the loss of Dr. Yehudah Paz, long-life co-operator and campaigner for peace and social justice… In 1997 he founded NISPED – the Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development that proposed a co-operative approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…. As an ICA member, Dr. Yehudah Paz encouraged the Alliance to take initiative in promoting the role of co-operatives in addressing conflict and contributing to peace.


“This is a huge loss for the Israeli Co-operative Movement and for the International Co-operative Alliance, for all of his friends in Israel and around the world. Israel Coop mourns this great loss,” said Ofer Feinstein, CEO of Coop Israel.


YNET News: Palestinian Flag in Knesset for First Time / 31.07.2013



For the first time in history, the Israeli and Palestinian flags flew side by side in the Knessset as lawmakers of both countries met on Israeli soil. “Let’s hope that in future these flags flying side-by-side will be natural, normal,’ commented MK Hilik Bar. The event was co-organized by AJEEC-NISPED and OneVoice.


Event: Amal Elsana Alh’jooj in Montreal /


Quebecois, come hear AJEEC-NISPED’s Director of North American Relations speak in Montreal about “Being a Woman in the Middle East.” Amal is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee and formerly served as AJEEC-NISPED’s Co-Executive Director.


TEDx Jaffa: Amal Elsana Alh’jooj / 06.11.2011


Amal Elsana Alh’jooj, Co-Executive Director of AJEEC-NISPED, speaks powerfully on “Insisting on Equality.” TEDx calls Amal: “one of the key shapers of public opinion regarding the status of the Arab minority and the status of women in Israel.”


Learn more about Amal here.


“The Year’s 10 most Influential Anglo Immigrants” /



Wow! We’re excited to announce that Vivian Silver, AJEEC-NISPED’s Co-Executive Director, has been named by Ha’aretz, Israel’s leading newspaper, as one of “The Year’s 10 Most Influential Anglo Immigrants” to Israel “who stood out in 5771 and made a difference.”

Learn more about Vivian here.


Ameinu Honors NISPED Leaders / 28.06.2011

Ameinu honors NISPED Co-Executive Directors Vivian Silver and Amal Elsana Alh’jooj upon their being awarded the Goldberg Prize for Peace.


Amal remarked: “While I have received prizes in the United States and Europe, this is the first time that I have the honor of having my work celebrated here, together with my family, friends and my people. My people are strong. We are part of the solution and not the problem.”


Vivian added: “In a sense we are a microcosm of what our two peoples could potentially be – open to each other\’s cultures, respectful of our differences, working for a better world for both our peoples.”


“Odd couple works to aid Israel’s Bedouins” / 06.12.2007


“When the two women travel overseas together, one passes routinely through airport security checks; the other is invariably pulled aside for lengthy questioning. At home, one is rarely asked for her ID; the other is stopped frequently. The one who passes easily is an immigrant and speaks Hebrew with a foreign accent. The suspect one is native-born and speaks Hebrew flawlessly.”