Newsletter: Celebrating Ramadan from the Bomb Shelter

AJEEC-NISPED: Newsletter (July 8, 2014)


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Iftar in the Safe Room: At the beginning of the week we came together for our annual Iftar meal at AJEEC-NISPED. Jews and Arabs celebrated Ramadan together. The atmosphere was great except that this time, the celebration took place in our bomb shelter due to the constant threat of rockets. During these moments we once again understood the immense importance of Jewish-Arab cooperation and how vital our programming is to advancing values of a shared society in the Negev and in Israel.



AJEEC-NISPED, Sigal Moran, B'nei Shimon Regional Council, Negev, IsraelAJEEC-NISPED, Mohammad Al Nabari, Hura, Israel, Negev, Bedouin

Negev Mayors and Heads of Local Councils Call for Calm:  During these stressful days we would like to share the joint statement of our strategic partners, Muhammad Nabari, head of the Hura Local Council, and Sigal Moran, head of the B’nei Shimon Regional Council:


“The future of the Negev will be tested by the partnership between the Arab and Jewish communities, especially during times of crisis. We believe in AJEEC-NISPED’s values and call for an immediate end to all forms of violence between our peoples and support a just political solution.”



AJEEC-NISPED, Ha'aretz Peace Conference, Mully Dor, Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development, Muli Dor

Peace Conference: It may seem strange to speak pf a peace conferences in the midst of the current situation, yet on Tuesday, approximately 3,000 people attended Ha’aretz’s Conference for Peace in Tel Aviv. The Regional Network for the Promotion of the Arab Peace Initiative, established by AJEEC-NISPED in partnership with the Center for Democracy and Community Development (CDCD), Palestine, presented their vision for a regional solution to the conflict that includes all nations in the region.



AJEEC-NISPED’s Board Chair, Mr. Mully Dor (pictured second from right) was a panelist with author Sayed Kashua and attorney Talia Sasson from the New Israel Fund.