Together We Stand

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Read the powerful words of our Co-Executive Directors, Kher Albaz and Ariel Dloomy (July 7, 2014):

“We will continue to work for peace – because there is no other way!


The latest events mark an additional and very dangerous low in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The failure of negotiations, the kidnapping and murder of the Jewish boys, widescale incursions on West Bank cities, the bombing of Gaza and rocket fire on the Western Negev population, the kidnapping and murder of the Palestinian boy, price tag attacks and the extensive calls for revenge (including in the Negev: Arad and Beer Sheva) only further deteriorate relations between the nations and may lead the entire region into yet another cycle of extreme violence.


The main victims of this violence are always innocent citizens and new generations of children growing up in a reality of a bloody and seemingly endless dispute.


We, at AJEEC- NISPED, have always believed in a solution based on values of equality, cooperation and prosperity for both nations. Despite the recent violent incidences which we strongly condemn, we will continue to work for a just and agreed upon solution to the Arab- Israeli conflict in general and to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular. When we are caught in extreme darkness, we remind ourselves: it is more important for us to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”


Kher Albaz & Ariel Dloomy
Co-Executive Directors of AJEEC–NISPED