Ambulance Accessibility in Unrecognized Bedouin Villages

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Unrecognized Bedouin villages of the Negev do not receive ambulance services due to the lack of access roads to the villages. This means that approximately 100,000 Negev residents have no access to emergency medical care.


We partner with Magen David Adom (MADA: the Israeli Red Cross) to bring emergency medical services to Bedouin citizens of the unrecognized villages. The innovative model we developed employs a local driver who provides these services through an ambulance which MADA provides.  For 8 years, Yasser Abu Rejila, has volunteered with MDA to provide much needed services for a region that covers approximately 400 square kilometers. We are proud to have Yasser on our team.


Yasser provides emergency medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He has assisted in 69 deliveries (a few with complications) of healthy children when getting to the hospital was not an option. Every summer, Yasser responds to an estimated 60 calls for scorpion and snake bites (some life threatening). Each day, Yasser answers the calls for approximately two home accidents and responds to three events relating to life-threatening medical conditions (heart, diabetes, epilepsy).


AJEEC-NISPED seeks to upscale these services for all residents of the unrecognized villages to grant families access to life saving emergency medical care.

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