Changemakers is a combined leadership and volunteer program for Bedouin high school students in the Negev. Participants are both beneficiaries of the program and themselves engaged as volunteers in their home communities. During the academic year, each group of 15-20 students, led by a university student, participates in a series of empowerment and leadership workshops, with an eye toward developing and implementing youth programs in the community.


The program is officially recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education as a pathway to achieving the Social Matriculation Diploma.


About the Program


  • Participants: 10th grade students
  • During the first year, each group meets after school once a week for approximately three hours. Students participate in a series of workshops and activities dealing with such topics as personal empowerment, leadership, planning and execution of community programs, meeting with role models, and more
  • Each group chooses a topic to study in depth and runs two events in the community each year to promote their project


This year, 205 high school students from 11 recognized and unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev participate in Changemakers.




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We are currently recruiting Bedouin high school students to participate in Changemakers. Please contact us with questions or to receive more information: Please note “Changemakers” in the subject line of your e-mail.