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800 million people are not wrong!


Yes, this is the number of people in the world who are members of cooperatives that operate in a variety of areas: health, housing, employment, retail, commercial and more. The United Nations named 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives for their contribution to socio-economic development and the eradication of poverty. Dame Pauline Green, President of the International Cooperative Alliance hoped that at year’s end, “a pivot would be seen from a successful year to a successful decade of international cooperative growth” (source).


For the past ten years, AJEEC-NISPED has promoted the establishment and development of cooperatives worldwide. In 2012, we formally established the Israel Cooperative Development Center which trains, mentors and advises a variety of groups interested in promoting cooperatives through the advancement of the relationship between the business and social sectors.


What do we do?


  • Mentor groups and entrepreneurs in the field of cooperatives.
  • Facilitate courses for cooperative ventures for local groups and groups from the developing world.
  • Spread knowledge through social networks and through an online information system that we developed.
  • Lead research that helps to promote policy that supports the model of cooperatives.


Through all of these activities we partner with community leaders, providing assistance in the formulation and strengthening of community settings and in mapping the capabilities and the needs of the community. The uniqueness of our work is reflected on three levels:

1)    Our ability to promote processes that integrate community and business development

2)    Our deep knowledge of cooperatives and our strong level of partnership with cooperative systems throughout the world

3)    Our partnership with diverse groups in Israeli society with an emphasis on the periphery


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