Educational Resource Development Center

The Educational Training and Resource Center, established in 2009, creates and develops much needed training programs and materials specifically geared towards the Arab Bedouin community. The center also provides services to various departments of AJEEC-NISPED and other community programs.


To date, most of the center’s activities have been devoted to the development of early childhood educational content and volunteer programs in the community. The center will soon increase the scope of its research to develop new training programs and educational resources in the fields of economic development, health promotion and community research.


We are proud that the center has become a major source of early childhood learning and training materials in the Arab Bedouin community of the Negev. One unique project is the production of “Grandma’s Stories” (pictured), a set of six traditional folk tales that have been passed down orally for decades and transcribed into readable stories and work kits for preschool children. We are presently marketing this collection to local municipalities and to private initiatives around the country. In addition, the center has started a lending library program specifically for early childhood education.


In the field of volunteerism, the center has developed training programs for volunteers from the Arab Bedouin community in a variety of areas, including: non-violent communication, empowerment of girls and boys and prevention of sexual violence.


Today, the center is leading several additional activities: a survey evaluating the effectiveness of public transport in Rahat, working with local authorities in the Negev on strategic planning for early education and training programs for kindergarten teachers.



ערכת סיפורי סבתא