Rehabilitating and Developing the Hebron Stream Basin

Rising in the Hebron Hills region of the southern West Bank, the Hebron Stream flows southwest into the northern Negev, past Beersheva, then continues west through the Besor area and empties into the Mediterranean Sea in the Gaza Strip. Its drainage basin encompasses much of the northern Negev and southern Hebron Hills. It is one of the only streams whose course takes it through the Palestinian Authority, Israel and the Gaza Strip. For years, the stream has suffered from environmental pollution. Instead of serving as the asset that it could be to these three entities, it has become a burden.


In AJEEC-NISPED’s vision, the Hebron Stream Basin is a promising resource whose potential can be realized only if environmental, economic and social challenges are addressed. Only a comprehensive rehabilitation of the basin will be able to ensure sustainability; addressing merely one element or one geographic segment will have only very limited impact. Cooperation is required from all sides to map the basin for appropriate planning processes to take place. Only a holistic approach can respond to the needs of the affected communities, and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves, developing into grassroots, community-led projects that support the streams’ rehabilitation. AJEEC-NISPED brings years of experience in the implementation of community projects, both across the Green Line with Palestinian partners as well as with diverse communities and municipalities, both Bedouin and Jewish, in the Negev to ensure the project’s success.