Arabic Language Parenting Hotline

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 Arabic Language Parenting Hotline


AJEEC-NISPED’s Arabic Language Parenting Hotline (*6968), launched in November 2013, was established to provide a resource for parents of young children. Staffed by professionals in the field of early childhood counseling, the hotline is based on a Hebrew speaking model that has been operating in Israel for several years. The hotline answers questions of universal parenting concern, such as sleep habits, toilet training, and more.


The hotline is a strategic partnership between the Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) and Yad HaNadiv.




Parents of young children need support and guidance, but counseling services may not be readily available to them in their home communities. The need is heightened in the case of vulnerable populations, lacking in resources or support, and in cases of family or community crisis.


AJEEC-NISPED’s free Arabic language hotline offers parents techniques for coping with a variety of developmental problems and normative childhood behaviors, while strengthening parents’ feelings of competency, and recognizing the complex needs of parenting, especially with regard to cultural diversity in a bi-national state.


Our target population is the Arabic speaking community of Israel, particularly the Bedouin community of the Negev. The line is staffed by professionals well versed in subjects of import. All of our counselors have graduated from a course developed by Prof. Haim Omer and Prof. Charles Greenbaum, in association with Bar-Ilan University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


How to Call


Dial *6968 or 1-22-6968. Please leave a message if you do not reach someone directly and a counselor will get back to you during operational hours.



AJEEC-NISPED, Arab Bedouins, Negev, Israel, Channel 33 TV, Arab Minority in Israel, Arabic Language Parenting Hotline, WIZO, Yad HaNadiv



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Meet Our Counselors  


Pictured: counselors complete their course in preparation for the opening of the hotline (Fall 2013). 











The hotline is a project of AJEEC-NISPED’s Early Childhood Department.