Arab-Jewish Volunteer Year

Thirty-six high school graduates, Arabs and Jews, devote a year to volunteering together in Arab and Jewish communities throughout the Negev. Our participants volunteer in a variety of activities: informal educational programs, formal educational assistance (math and Hebrew) for elementary school students, leading community projects and more.


For the past decade, our gap year program has worked in cooperation with the Israeli Scouts Movement. Our volunteers participate in an extensive training program and are accompanied by mentors for their work in Jewish-Arab programming including the content they teach. Graduates from this program note that it was a life-changing experience that opened their eyes to the possibilities of building a true shared society. In order to keep in touch, these graduates have recently established an Alumni organization to continue sharing their experiences and how they’ve impacted others through various activities around the country.


The program runs every year in 11 schools in the Negev, both Arab and Jewish, and reaches approximately 4,800 children and teens.